A Personal Story from Jodi: How Acupuncture Changed Her Life

Two years ago Jodi had a stroke. Since then she has suffered from muscle weakness on her right side, numbness & tingling in her shoulders, face, and arm. She was referred to a physical therapist, but it was not helping her so she began acupuncture treatments. She immediately noticed that acupuncture was helping treat her symptoms. In June 2016, and then again in December of 2016, Jodi was in 2 car accidents and has since suffered severely from the stress on her body. 

When her body is in distress she develops a hemiplagic migraine which make it looks like she has recently had a stroke. She can’t smile, her muscles get weak and she often loses muscle control completely. The symptoms can become so extreme that she will have temporary paralysis of one side of her body. She will also get a cognitive block where she can’t speak. 

Jodi has recently moved here and was looking for a new acupuncture clinic. When she came in it was very difficult for her to speak a sentence. She was so sweet & open and began to share her story with me. I knew South Philadelphia Community Acupuncture would be the perfect fit for her new acupuncture home and signed her up for an appointment. She has been a dedicated patient here for months now. 

Since coming to our acupuncture clinic she says her speech is much better and it's helping  bring control back to her muscles"I can talk, I can open my eyes, the tingling and numbness is gone, my nausea is gone. The scraping helps with the inflammation, some days I can't turn my neck because my muscles are so tight but it releases that pressure." - Jodi

Jodi's doctors prescribed drugs that were not helping, but just masking the issues she was having. She said they did not believe in the alternative treatments she was doing, such as going to acupuncture and using CBD oil. But, she knows that the benefits have been very real and life changing for her. She has since referred quite a few others to our clinic because she knows acupuncture can help heal others too! Jodi comes in about twice a week and says that the treatments generally last about 3-4 days for her symptoms. 

This is just a snapshot of one of her many treatments done by Justine, one day before running her first marathon! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us Jodi! If someone you know is suffering and thinks that there's no cure for them, tell them to give acupuncture a try!