The main difference between community and private acupuncture is the privacy of your treatment space, plus the cost per treatment - the quality of care our patients receive from either treatment is exactly the same - the highest quality, gentle care.

Community acupuncture appointments are offered in a large semi-private space with massage tables divided by curtains. Anywhere from 4-5 patients may be treated in this semi-private room at any given time; since conversations are kept to a minimum, a serene healing vibe is maintained. The staff practitioner works on first one patient, then on the next patient, treating either the front or back of the body, for 45 minutes. The cost for these treatments is sliding scale $35-50.

Private acupuncture appointments are offered in a quiet healing space which accommodates only one patient. It is common practice to treat complex conditions within this setting, as a treatment can be given on both sides of the body. These treatments last 1 - 1 ½ hours and cost $100.