Our E Passyunk Ave / South Philly clinic is located at 1532 E. Passyunk Avenue, near the intersections of Tasker and 11th Streets. Street parking is often accessible. A free PPA municipal lot is located one block south.

Hours: Mon 10 - 8p, Tue 9:30 - 8p, Wed 10 - 8p, Thu 9:30 - 8p, Fri 10 - 7:30p, Sat 10 - 3:30p, Sun 10 - 4p



Healing Arts Collective is a 2-floor Center City South healing arts studio offering a multi-dimensional approach to wellness. It is located at 519 S. 9th St, between South and Lombard Streets. We are thrilled about expanding and coming alongside this collective of compassionate and skilled healing arts practitioners - from massage therapists to yoga teachers, physical therapists, and sound healers.

Hours: Mon 3 - 7p, Wed 3 - 7p, Thu 2 - 6p, Fri 9 - 2p, Sun 9 - 3p

Healing Arts Collective offers a multi-dimensional approach to wellness. The health and wellness professionals within this collective wholeheartedly share their gifts in the form of therapeutic services and participatory workshops. These practitioners act as guides to their students and clients, helping their students and clients to build strength and confidence, expanding awareness, breaking through physical and energetic blockages, and easing into a more relaxed state of being. The care received at the Collective may serve to inspire creativity, an increase in one's overall sense of well-being, promoting balance within the mind-body-spirit of oneself.

"Whether one suffers from pain, injury, anxiety, fatigue, or wishes to maintain and enhance his or her state of well-being, we are here to be of good service."