Our Mission

We are a group of community-minded healers who believe strongly in the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We wish to make these services affordable and available to all members of our community so that they can be used in the way they work best - with simple, frequent treatments.  Our community acupuncture model empowers patients to pay anywhere between $40 and $60 per treatment, depending on financial ability, frequency of treatments required.

Our Healing Spaces

We believe our patients heal better when they heal together.  A majority of our acupuncture treatments are performed in a community healing space with up to three other patients.  When those with a shared desire for wellness heal together, the result is a higher vibrational healing experience for all.  

We expect all community patients to respect the intention of the shared healing space by speaking quietly and being mindful of their appointment time.  Our practitioners see patients every 15 minutes.  If you arrive more than 5 minutes past your appointment time, we may not be able to guarantee your time slot, and you may be charged a missed appointment fee.  That said, we will always do our best to accommodate everyone.

Our Treatment Process

Healing is a process, and regular treatments in the earliest stages of healing will jumpstart your body’s ability to heal itself naturally, leading to optimal results.  Initially, we recommend receiving acupuncture treatments 2 times per week for 3-4 weeks to stimulate your body’s natural healing process.  After the initial series of treatments, most patients feel a significant improvement in their condition and reduce treatment frequency to weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonally.  The community model is a great way to make regular acupuncture treatments affordable to many.

Our Community

Everyone is welcome to heal in our community healing spaces.  We believe that we can best serve our community by offering a shared space for people of every age, ethnicity, color, gender, and class to heal together.  We want our community of patients to reflect the diversity of the Philadelphia community which surrounds us.