South Philly Community Acupuncture is proud to be a member of the greater South Philly health community. We are one team in a large group of female-owned and operated businesses within our local E. Passyunk Ave. Business District, and we do our very best to reach out to all members of our local community. How do we do this? We make our services affordable, and our clinics accessible. We are open and available every day of the week, from morning to evening.

We believe that clients can enjoy a sense of higher vibrational healing when in a group healing space with others, with shared desire for wellness, quietly coming into a place of ease alongside one another. We are happy to be able to provide a large room to encourage this form of silent and peaceful community, encouraging each client to fully relax while being treated for any number of health conditions which we specialize in treating.

We offer a wonderful model of healthcare, using both acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine therapy; by offering a high-volume and low-cost business model, we are able to appeal to all members of the community we work amongst. It is an important ideal for our founder, Lauren, to be an integral member of her community. She works in her community through outreach, health awareness, and by donating to important local causes. We are committed to helping everyone no matter their age, ethnicity, cultural heritage, color, or class. All are welcome; our sliding scale fees make this work affordable and available for each person.


In 2007, owner and founder, Lauren moved back to her roots of Philadelphia while pregnant with her first son. Since she had left Philadelphia when she was 18 to begin her journey in the healing arts, she had traveled and lived in a number of cities - NYC; San Diego; San Francisco; Pensacola, Florida; Hong Kong; Tucson, Arizona 

Lauren started her acupuncture business in Queen Village, Philadelphia in 2007, working 3 days a week for 3 years as she grew her family. By 2011, she had 3 sons, and after 3 years in business, she had a fully packed schedule and was ready for her first expansion.

Lauren wanted to be part of the E. Passyunk Ave. revitalization and began searching for locations on the Avenue. She was fortunate to find spot across from the singing fountain, where a number of musicians, artists, and community event organizers collaborate throughout the year. The office Lauren found was a rundown podiatrist office, which had been out of use for years. After two months of renovation, in January 2011, she moved from her original space in Queen Village over to E. Passyunk Ave.

In 2016, Lauren opened a small apothecary in the front area of her waiting room. The apothecary was a great addition to the business as SPCA was able to complement our acupuncture and auxiliary therapies with Chinese herbs, vitamins, homeopathy, teas, and extracts/tinctures/elixirs developed by local herbalists and farmers.

As of 2018, Lauren began collaborating with Adrian King, owner of the Healing Arts Collective, located on 9th above South St., expanding to a second location in the city of Philadelphia area. She is thrilled to integrate her team of talented and experienced acupuncturists with the incredible and talented healing artists at HAC.