Our History


In 2007, our owner and founder, Lauren Buckley, listened to the call of her roots and moved back to Philadelphia while pregnant with her first son. After leaving the city at the age of 18 to embark on her journey in the healing arts, Lauren returned home to Philadelphia to give back to the community she knew and loved.

Lauren started her acupuncture business in Queen Village, working 3 days a week for 3 years as she grew her family.

After 3 years in business, Lauren had 3 sons and a fully packed schedule! She was ready for her first expansion.


Lauren wanted to be a part of the East Passyunk Avenue revitalization, and she was lucky to find a cozy spot across from the Singing Fountain, a popular year-round gathering spot for musicians, artists, farmers, and community organizers. The cozy spot was a run down podiatrist’s office that had been out of business for years. After two months of renovation, Lauren moved her acupuncture business from Queen Village to East Passyunk.


In 2016, Lauren opened an apothecary in the waiting room of the East Passyunk clinic. The apothecary is fully stocked with Chinese herbs, vitamins, herbal pain remedies, tinctures and elixirs developed by local herbalists and farmers, and a variety of CBD products. As a prominent provider of alternative medicine, we consider it our responsibility to provide our patients and our community with access to the products we have tested and trusted for years.


In April of 2018, South Philadelphia Community Acupuncture opened its second location at 519 S. 9th Street. We are thrilled to be able to bring the healing services of our practitioners to the Washington Square and Bella Vista communities!